Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The "M" designation

The DMV today was not as busy and though I was doing a redo of a motorcycle exam I still felt a bit nervous. This is my second visit to this DMV since I failed my exam the first time. Good news is I passed it today. The exam was not really tough but tricky if you're not careful. At least 5 of the 25 questions weretrick questions. Knowing that going in helped me pass it this time. Afterwards the DMV employee proceeded to cut my driver's license and explained that the paper she's giving me is my temporary one until the new one (which will now have "CM" as designation arrives in the mail in about 10 days. Woohoo!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Life Changes..New Chapter..

We've reached another milestone in our lives that a repeat of a life event needs to happen.  We likely have been wanting to make the change long before this time but was convinced that nothing different will come of it.  I'm talking about 'Divorce'.  This is not the first time we've ventured into this territory.  The first time happened before I moved to Texas (15 years ago.)  We've lived together for the last 12 years as brothers and sisters.  It's as platonic as platonic is.  We both love each other dearly but no more than siblings do.

I haven't been able to tell anybody from my side of the family.  Is it embarrassment?  Is it the feeling that I might be seen as week?  Who knows.

The first time this happened, I was really afraid of what might become.  Katharine was only 2 years old and the thought of not having access to her scared me.  Kelly assured me that this will not happen since she knew that it would be devastating for both father and daughter if the relationship or access to the relationship was severed.  I remember telling Kelly, "ok, let's do what you want!" after her assurances.  No hesitation, signed the papers not even reading what it stated.  Fast forward seven (7) years later, we remarry and stay married until this year.

Over the years, I did not want to be alone.  I cannot imagine being anywhere else.  I do not know where to go; where to live; which direction to take; etc.  I had a job then so that was not an issue but the mere thought that I was moving out of home base (or her home as she always put it) was scary and stressing. This time is different.  Amazingly enough, I am not afraid. I have been unemployed for ten (10) months with no prospect but one or two phone interviews and from the looks of it could be a few more weeks/months of looking.  But like i said, I am not afraid. I'm actually looking forward to being somewhere else. Staying here prevents us from moving forward with whatever dreams we probably have been wanting.  This does give me an opportunity to fly home and see Dad and Mom since we missed our trip last year due to reasons I can't even remember now.

So many things to do.. not enough time.. limited resources.. but keeping my head high!  Moving on..!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day 2014

Lazy day. Even the dogs are not up to doing anything. 

How much napping do they need?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What a pain in the a@#!! Today is not going well... I need to vent!!!

After much dawdling I took what is now a required course in having a motorcycle license; the Motorcycle Safety Foundation training course (MSF).  At the conclusion of the two-day course we were given completion cards to submit to the DMV so one can apply to have the "M" designation added to the driver's license.

Pain #1
At the DMV, the person at the counter asked to see my ID.  I handed him my regular driver's license (which is a primary ID according to the DMV website) and proceeded to process my application.  Somewhere during his typing, he asks me for further ID to which I stated I did not have anything else other than what I gave him.  He informed me that he cannot do so without another form (such as a US passport) to continue.  I did not ask or challenge this person's request even though I am aware that my regular ID is all I really needed and left.  Since I did not have a US passport, I proceeded to apply for that and noted it would take another 4-6 weeks for the passport to arrive so I thought I'd wait and do the DMV thing afterwards.  Dangit!!

Pain #2
Yesterday, I was happy to receive my new passport since it only took about 2 weeks altogether.  I noted that they did not return my US Naturalization document so I immediately went to the travel.state.gov site and read that if the supporting documents were not sent with the new passport, it will be sent in a separate mailing.  I also emailed them to inquire and received a reply to expect the separate mailing anywhere within two weeks.

Pain #3
This morning, I planned to do the DMV application and brought my new passport as proof.  I proceeded to load the car with my stuff and just as I was about the start the car, I realized the MSF completion card was not where I had left it.  I practically turned the car upside down looking for this thing.  I went back into the house and went to my paper stack (even though I am sure I did not bring it into the house) but could not find it. After much digging, I decided to go to the MSF training area itself to talk to the instructor and ask for a replacement.  To make a long story short, I found out that to get a replacement card I have to send an envelope with a note and a return envelope and $15!  This about sent me through the roof!  The guy on the phone told me that "the state tells us to charge this amount!"  So now I again have to delay the "M" designation.  Arggghhh...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Simple lunch

I've never really thought how a simple PBJ with chips and a side of grapes can be filling. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

When on vacation...

Kelly and Katharine went to Sandestin, FL for a one week vacation before school restarts. While they were gone, Kelly's parking spot was where my bike freely parked instead of being squished infront of my car. Maybe I can convince Kelly to park outside?  Or maybe not..

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Early lunch ride to Lake Texoma

Ride with the Dallas Honda Group. We had an early lunch (fried catfish) at Windy's Catfish in Bryan, OK. The bridge pictured here is Carpenter's Bluff Bridge which was on our way back. The bridge is about a quarter-mile long and only one lane. The fifth picture below shows the old wood planked bridge before being renovated.